Painter Don Maitz
Today’s a big one, matey!  I’ve got a killer interview with pirate painter Don Maitz, the show is up on iTunes finally, and you’re finally going to get to hear some of my own work!

Don Maitz is a longtime painter of pirate stuff and fantasy and sci-fi book covers.  He’s also the creator of the Captain Morgan Rum character.

In this interview we’ll dig into the thought process of an artist that paints things that don’t exist, what goes into designing a book cover, the harrowing inside of story of the creation of Captain Morgan, plus lots more.  You’ll really enjoy this talk.

Under The Crossbones is on iTunes this week!  I’ve submitted the show and it should be up Tuesday-ish.  To give the show a great launch I need you to go give us a nice 5-star review.  That will catapult us up the New and Notable chart and keeping the wind in our sails.  Here’s the link to the show on iTunes.  Thanks!

And if you need some guidance on how to give an iTunes review, here’s a quick how-to.

Comedy on the show today from David Neiker and music from yours truly Phil Johnson and Roadside Attraction.

Here are a few of Don’s great paintings.  Be sure to visit his website for more and orders some prints and stuff.

The Important Websites:
Don Maitz –
Janny Wurts (Don’s wife) –
David Nieker –
Phil Johnson and Roadside Attraction –
Cemetery Dance Publishing (for the new illustrated version of The Shining) –

Don will be exhibiting some of his works at this upcoming show in California.
Imagine the Fantastic

Kissing In The Rain by Phil Johnson and Roadside Attraction


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