Captain John Swallow and QM Seika Hellbound photographed by Robert WarrenWhat a way to start the show!  Captain John Swallow and QM Seika Hellbound started NOLA Pyrate Week 8 years ago.  And not just to dress up like pirates and drink like crazy while enjoying the magic that is New Orleans. They’ve also done a ton of charity work along the way for LowerNine, Gulf Restoration Network, the Barataria-Terrebonne National Estuary Program, and more.

Their motto?  “Take what ye can. GIVE something back.”  You’ll find that to be a running theme among a lot of my guests on the show.

John and Seika were the first people I asked to interview and for good reason.  They are a fount of pirate history knowledge.  So if you’re new to the subject, jump right in and get your feet wet with pirate lore.

Plus they’ve both traced their lineages back to real pirates and we get into those stories in depth in this episode.

We were dealing with a few weird sound issues on my end which is why you won’t hear a lot from me during the interview.  But with the stories these two have to tell you don’t want to hear me yapping anyway. 🙂

Also featured in this episode are comedian Tim Babb (with some pirate humor..) and comedy musician Chris Valenti.  Both really talented dudes.  Be sure to listen all the way to the end of the episode.

The Websites:
NOLA Pyrate Week:
More killer pirate photos from Robert Warren:
Comedian Tim Babb:
Musician Chris Valenti:
Phil’s Digital Box Set:

Captain John Swallow and QM Seika Hellbound doing a TV interview spot for NOLA Pyrate Week in the video below.

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