Ye Banished Privateers

Ye Banished Privateers is one of the hottest pirate bands in Europe and one of my personal faves.  Our first interview attempt resulted in some unfortunate sound problems.  But here in our second attempt, the gods of technology smiled upon us I had a great talk with somewhere between 4 and 87 members of the band.

We’ll dig into the band’s origin story, the crazy way they’re recording their new album, and the pros and cons of having 30 (not kidding) people in a band.

Plus comedy from the always dangerous Dougie Almeida and <drum roll> a world premier song from Ye Banished Privateers new album called “First Night Back In Port”!

Heads up, the song may have a few naughty words in it.  After all, they are pirates on their first night back in port.


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Scurvy Ben

oh – how we would love to come to America and raise some glasses with the lads and lasses !!! <3

Daniel Wagemann

I really love those gals and guys, they are always fun too watch! Next time I’ll see them will be in Hamburg, Germany.