Mark Steeds of the Long John Silver Trust
My first international guest!

My guest, Mark Steeds, is head of the Long John Silver Trust.  The trust is working towards erecting a statue of Robert Louis Stevenson’s immortal character in his birth place, Bristol England.

Plenty of good pirate and Treasure Island stuff here. Plus we get into what it’s like to try and convince a city to celebrate something it’s not particularly proud of.

You’ll also hear comedy from Mike Baldwin and a great song called “Enchante” by Tah Phrum Duh Bush.

Other stuff from the pod….

Here’s the video I mentioned about doing the same joke for two drastically different audiences. These two shows were at the same casino in Primm, NV.  One great crowd. One sleepy, drunk crowd.

And here’s the song I collaborated with Tah Phrum Duh Bush on awhile back.  It’s a wacky one.  Filmed in a hotel room in Toledo, OH.  And now there’s a Dollar Store clerk that thinks there’s a new transvestite in town.

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