Tom Mason and the Blue BuccaneersTom Mason is a Nashville singer/songwriter who accidentally found himself a niche in pirate music.  I can identify as that’s the way I found my way to comedy.

During the interview we get into a lot about the artistic path and making your way as a musician in the modern world.

There’s an unfortunate sound issue during the last 10 minutes of the interview where it goes all distort-y.  I didn’t know about it until I got into editing the show.  I’ve left it in for completeness.  But if it bugs you too much, just fast forward 10 minutes to get to the next segment of the show.  I don’t believe it’s happened on any of the other interviews I’ve recorded so far.

Also on the show you’ll hear some comedy from my recent opening act, Mean Dave and music from (duh) Tom Mason and the Blue Buccaneers.

During the opening of the show I mentioned the yard project I got myself into in 102 degree California weather over the weekend.  Here’s the photos:

I also mentioned a fantastic book I just finished reading called “Pirate Hunters” by Robert Kurston.  It’s a gripping true-life tale of a group of treasure explorers finding only the 2nd pirate ship to be positively identified. A great read for that end-of-summer beach reading.

 Check out Tom Mason and crew performing “Throw Me In The Drink” at the Port Fairy Folk Festival in Australia.

The Websites:
Tom Mason and the Blue Buccaneers –
Mean Dave –
Phil’s Comedy and Music –

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