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  1. Just wanted to say I love the show. I just got into podcasts and yours is very niche and fun. I’m an acquaintance of Mark “Mission” Kehoe which is how I found this podcast originally. I built a ship in bottle for Mark some years ago and have associated with and built ships in bottles for a few people in the pirate community since. Here’s a link for a description of how I built the one for Mission.

    Any way I love talking about ships in bottles, pirate ships, and especially promoting the dying art that is ship in bottle building. If this is something you’d be interested in for your show let me know.


    Daniel Siemens

  2. Hey I love your podcast listen to ya all the time are you on any other podcasts or just ITunes if you can let me know I’d greatly appreciate it thank you for everything you have and are doing.

    • Hey Austin… Thanks, buddy. 🙂 Not sure I’m understanding your question right. But UTC is available most anywhere you can find podcasts. iTunes is the biggie. But we’re also on Google Play, I Heart Radio, Stitcher, and all the various podcast apps. I think Spotify is the only place not carrying the show yet.

      If you’re asking if I personally appear on any other podcasts, I do guest shots on other people’s shows every so often. But I don’t produce any other shows right now. This one takes plenty of time. 🙂

      Thanks for listening and feel free to hit me up anytime!

        • I realized I’d never looked myself before. 🙂 So you have to use the Google Play Music app which is usually stock on Android phones. Then in the right hand dropdown menu there’s a link to go to podcasts and you can search for Under The Crossbones there. The regular Google Play store app doesn’t seem to feature podcasts at all.

          My suggestion is to get an app like Podcast Addict. You can grab any podcast in there no matter where it’s listed. And it’s got a ton of controls for customizing your listening.

  3. Hey Phill,
    Great show, the Amazon banner won’t work on the Desktop or Mobile site. The Panther bay link works though, do you get credit through that?
    Keep up the excellent podcast!

    • Thanks Joshua… I really appreciate that a lot. I just tested the Amazon banner on both my laptop and phone and it seems to be working ok. Must have been a temporary glitch. But yes, I do have links set for the Panther Bay books too. 🙂

  4. this is from
    Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, I would like to take a moment of your time to discuss the ongoing and merciless harassment of my client, the defendant, Captain James Hook.

    Captain Hook – a respected gentleman and scholar – has suffered at the hands of this impudent boy for far too long. Mr. Pan has repeatedly and publicly mocked and ridiculed my client, causing extreme personal injury, property damage, and mental and emotional suffering. I am here today to prove that the results of the plaintiff’s torment has resulted in Captain Hook being reduced to a mere shell of a man, afraid to even leave his ship, for fear of encountering Peter Pan.

    Yes, Peter Pan. Let’s discuss his criminal past, shall we? Kidnapping. Theft. Endless charges of assault and battery. Weapons possession. Mr. Pan is potentially a drug addict, and quite possibly a dealer of a substance he refers to as ‘pixie dust’. He lives in what can only be referred to as a commune, surrounded by a group of mesmerized boys – boys who fawn over Mr. Pan, who is coincidentally currently being investigated for being the leader of a violent, maniacal cult, I’ll have you know. The plaintiff has quite the track record, doesn’t he? And yet we are here today, in this courtroom, wasting valuable resources to discuss the charges brought against my client, a retired seaman, and upstanding citizen.

    I believe Mr. Pan is wasting the court’s valuable time with petty lawsuits, ladies and gentlemen. Throughout your time here, you will be presented with the facts – facts that clearly exonerate my client, Captain James Hook, and throw light onto the seedy criminal undertakings of one, Peter Pan.

    When you have heard the testimony of witnesses, experts, and victims of Mr. Pan’s antics, you will understand the capacity for violence and cruelty that he tries to hide. I believe he is a sociopath of the most extreme definition, and it is our job to see that my client, Captain Hook, sees justice here today.

  5. Hey there! Saw the episode you did with Brad Perri for his webcomic “Pirate Mike”, which I’m a fan of. If you’re at all interested in doing another show about pirate webcomics, I do one called “Catbeard the Pirate” which can be seen at weekly. There are five years’ worth of stories there and I’d love to talk about them on your show!
    Thanks for your time,
    Matt Nelson

  6. Phil, A book series you need to read or talk to the Author, Wow, pirates in the 1700’s after the age of Piracy it is historical fiction with a love story and a curse not a historical romance can’t say it is one particular genre? A new Author that the fans of Black Sails and “Outlander” really seem to be enjoying.
    A extremely realistic “mature” read of pirating, sailing, life aboard a tall ship and the characters that make up this world.
    The Pirate Captain, Chronicles of a Legend, by Kerry Lynne at Amazon, Goodreads, FB, Twitter and Pinterest.
    I love this series though you might want to check it out .

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