John Chatterton Part 1I could NOT wipe the smile from my face during this interview!  John Chatterton is a wreck diver and treasure hunter.  He’s been to Titanic, the Andrea Doria, and discovered a German U-Boat wreck.  But most importantly for this show, he was on the team that found the Golden Fleece, a pirate ship helmed by captain Joseph Bannister.

This is Part 1 of my interview with John Chatterton.  He had so many great stories that I had to split it into two episodes.  Stay tuned next week for Part 2 where you’ll hear some mind-blowing information about his visit to Titanic.  (No they didn’t find the door that Kate Winslet threw Dicaprio off of…)

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Also in this episode, comedy from Steve McGowan about Chuck E. Cheese and a song called “Mislead” by The Cautious.

Click the links below to Robert Kurson’s books about John Chatterton’s adventures.  Good books for you and it helps the show.  Thanks!

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Be sure to listen to Part 2 of this interview here.

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Jay Schwark

I have the answer to Oak Island’s 10 X

John Chatterton

You need to work that out with Rick and Marty. 🙂