SR Staley - Author of Pirate of Panther BaySR Staley is the author of the Pirate of Panther Bay series.  You’ve got two books you can dig into right now: “The Pirate of Panther Bay” and “Tortuga Bay”.  The third book will arrive in 2016.

In the stories, Isabella is an escaped slave from Santo Domingue who, through force of will and skill, works her way up to commanding a large pirate ship.

How does Isabella overcome being a woman on a pirate ship?  Let alone captain?  And how does she deal with the Spanish?  It’s in the books and we discuss it in the interview.

Lots of good pirate stuff in this interview including some of the economics of piracy and how they compare to today’s street gangs.  Plus lots of talk on the craft of writing.  How to use a fight scene to advance the plot.  And Sam’s workflow that allows his to crank out a book per year.

Also on the show today, comedy about being your safe black friend from Julian Michael and a song called “What Santa Wants” from Roadside Attraction (that got us banned from a particular Christmas event…)

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