Jim Byrkit - Director of Pirates of the Caribbean short film "Wedlocked"We’ve got some Pirates of the Caribbean action on today’s show!  But first, I nearly burned my face off tasting hot sauces over the weekend in lovely Monterey, CA You’ll find out how far up the Scoville Scale I made it before giving up.

I recently discovered a short film called “Wedlocked” that acts as a mini-prequel to the first Pirates of the Caribbean film.  I couldn’t figure out how I missed it before and got the director, Jim Byrkit, on the show to tell us about it.

Yes, the short is hilarious and you should watch it right here.

Jim was also the concept artist for the first three Pirates of the Caribbean movies and created some of the iconic props like that awesome map.  He was also one of the writers on the Johnny Depp vehicle “Rango”

So we dig in deep to the very beginnings of the Pirates of the Caribbean film franchise and why it was a wild risk at the time.  We’ll also talk about how the Pirates of the Caribbean short film “Wedlocked” came to be was filmed. (And why most of us haven’t seen it).  And we even get into a bit of Rango talk to find how they got that movie made.  Listen for the very weird connection I made between it and a children’s holiday special.

Today’s show is sponsored by Southern Yellow Pine Publishing, home of SR Staley’s “Pirate of Panther Bay” series.

Plus comedy from the East Coast from John Romanoff about being a big guy at the gym and and a song called “Doses” from the West Coast’s Hologram Sun.

Important Websites:
Jim Byrkit –  http://jimbyrkit.com
John Romanoff – https://www.facebook.com/john.romanoff
Hologram Sun – https://hologramsun.bandcamp.com
Phil Johnson – www.PhilJohnsonComedy.com

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