David Engel of Pirate School!

Pirate fans and enthusiasts are known for being pretty different from the rest of society anyway.  And if you’re different even in the world of pirates?

My guest today is David Engel of Pirate School!  He’s a classically trained actor who uses his powers to both educate about pirates and entertain kids with a really great variety show.

We’ll talk about why he chose to go the kid route, the art of clowning and why it’s viewed so differently here in the US compared to Europe, and how David uses pirates to teach kids science, dealing with bullies, and lots more.

Also on the show, two very unique performers: comedian JJ Whitehead and music artist Groovy Judy.

Don’t sleep on this one… Really great episode.

Here’s a few pictures of David’s live show.

The Websites:
David Engel – www.MyPirateSchool.com
JJ Whitehead – www.JJWhitehead.net
Groovy Judy – www.GroovyJudy.com
Phil Johnson – www.PhilJohnsonComedy.com

Some Pirate School! video….

JJ Whitehead and the Bad Date Burger Debate…

Here’s the “cardboard farm” picture I mentioned.  We’re putting mulch on top of this.  But the people driving by didn’t know that.  They just looked at us all crazy.




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