MacKay Pirate Family

Welcome to all my new friends and listeners!  The show saw a nice uptick over the last week which makes me feel like all the work is worth it. 🙂

My guests on this episode are Jeff and Rebecca MacKay.  Along with their son Wilde, they form the MacKay Pirate Family.  And they’re full of creativity and hustle, which I really like.

They’re pirate performers, clothing and prop designers, screenwriters, theme park designers, and more.  I’m a hard worker too, but listening to everything they do made me exhausted!

Also on the show today, comedy from Matt Gubser from his new special “Daddy Issues”. Plus music from Kenny Thomas and the Southern Baptists.

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MacKay Pirate Family:
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Matt Gubser:
Kenny Thomas and the Southern Baptists:
Phil Johnson:

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