Tom Butler, creator of The Pirate Republic board game.Tom Butler heads up Green Feet Games where they’re working on their new board game, The Pirate Republic.  And he’s got some really interesting ideas about game design that I think you’ll dig.  We get into tons of game design stuff, how he kept his history straight (shout out to Cindy Vallar!) and why pirates fascinate him.

He’s also a Special Ops Combat Rescue Officer in his day job.  Heck of a day job.  So of course we can’t let that go by without some discussion.  But we were able to neatly tie in to both his board game and the history of pirates.  Really intriguing stuff.

Plus comedy from Nic Flair and a holiday song from yours truly, Phil Johnson and Roadside Attraction.

Check out all the neat stuff you get with The Pirate Republic…
Pirate Republic Board Game

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