Matt Stone of Sea Wolf Clothing

Matt Stone is the founder and head honcho of Sea Wolf Clothing and Buccaneer Board Riders.  He’s in the biz of making cool casual pirate clothes for pirate fans, tourists, and surfers.

This talk goes in totally unexpected directions right off the bat.  Matt’s favorite pirate musician will surprise you.  We’ll talk about his deep (blood) relations to the Pirates of the Caribbean films, his background in high fashion (and the famous designer who told him to move back to California).

And you’ll find out which piece of clothing he thinks needs to go, but just won’t die.

Matt has also been instrumental in hooking us with some of the actors from Pirates of the Caribbean for future episiodes, so keep an eye out for those.  And go visit Sea Wolf to pick yourself up some killer casual pirate clothing.

Plus comedy from Prateek Srivastava and a song called “6AM” from Neil Hewitt.

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