Michael Manerchia of Marcus Hook Preservation Society

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Happy Halloween!  I got this week’s episode out a day early for you because Michael Manerchia, president of the Marcus Hook Preservation Society has some great ghost stories to give you a few Halloween shivers.

Marcus Hook, PA was a haven for pirates during the Golden Age – a secret party town where the pirates could blow off some steam.  It was also a regular hangout of Blackbeard and Stede Bonnet.  And…so the legend of the house goes… Blackbeard’s mistress.

Michael has some really fascinating stories about the town of Marcus Hook and the houses that made him an accidental archaeologist.


Plus comedy from Justin Hoff, who you can also see more of in the video below.

Sorry, no music this week.  I put the word out for bands to send me stuff to play and didn’t get a response.  And I’m on the road performing and didn’t have time to chase them down.

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Check out another bit from Justin Hoff below.  As you can see from the title, there’s some “language” in it.

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