Erikka Innes of Pool Pirates

Erikka Innes is a comedian and filmmaker.  A few years back she made a short film called “Pool Pirates” that I was lucky enough to be in.  You can check out the whole film below.  I’m the one in the floaty ring. 🙂

The film is about a crew of pirates that have lost their ship and take over a suburban backyard pool.  Very funny!

Erikka and I have been friends for a lot of years now, but I was only around for the second half of this film’s process.  Interesting to get the back story and see what happened before I got there.  We talk a lot about the indie filmmaking process in this one and the learning curve of a first time filmmaker.

Plus comedy from Erikka Innes herself and a great song from Barbar O’ Rhum called “Coeur de l’Ocean”.  Hope you remember more of your high school French than I do for that one.

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