Xander Kent of Blackbeard BannersXander Kent of Blackbeard Banners is a maker of custom screen printed pirate flags and I’m sure he’s got one for you.  Cup of Tea jolly roger?  Check.  Thor’s Hammer jolly roger?  Check.  Microphone jolly roger? On my wishlist.

We dig into the importance of jolly rogers to pirates, why Xander starting making custom ones, the influence of punk and metal music on his work, graphic design, and more.  Really fun talk.  You even get to find out what my real last name is supposed to be.

And since Xander is in San Francisco, I was able to go talk with him in person on my way to a gig up there.  Which means great sound for you!   And less editing for me!

Plus comedy from Brandon Vestal and a great song from Virsces called “Narrows”.

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