Tim Murphy creator of Pirates of Padre TiempoTim Murphy is an animation-trained artist with a new comic book series called Pirates of Padre Tiempo that you’ll really dig if you’re into comics.  We’ll talk about the stories themselves, his Kickstarter to fund the second issue, and his artistic background.

We’ll also dig into the perceptions of “family friendly” – both with people who want violence and sex with their stories and parents who may be waaaay overly concerned with stuff that’s not there.  And we’ll find out what Tim’s story challenges were as an artist coming to the writing part.

Be sure to check out the Kickstarter for Pirates of Padre Tiempo and help Tim get his comic books made.

Plus comedy from Chad Denick (who’s opening for me this week in Longview, WA) and a great song from Douglas Coleman called “All The Way On Love”.

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