Cindy Stavely and Captain Mayhem of St Augustine Pirate MuseumThe St Augustine Pirate Museum has one of the largest collections of real pirate artifacts anywhere.  And today we talk with two of the head honchos over there, Cindy Stavely and Captain Mayhem.

We’ll dig into where they get their stuff (and who Pat Croce is).  Plus the various ways that they educate people about pirate history and culture.  Everything from real sunken treasure to Hollywood movie-making.

And St Augustine is a mighty piratey place, so we also get into how they stay on the good side of the traditionalists and still entertain the tourists.  We all know there’s a delicate balance to be struck between the purists and the punters. 🙂

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Plus comedy from Adam Feuerberg and a great song from Reisender called “Body”.

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