UTC056 Matt Aurthur of Pirate History PodcastMatt Aurthur is the host of Pirate History Podcast, and much like Craig Buddy back in ep. 22, is doing a great job telling the historical stories of the pirates before, during, and after the Golden Age.

We’ll get into Matt’s motivations for starting the show, how his background in acting has helped, and some stumbles along the way.

Will there be a Matt/Craig/Phil collaboration in the future?  We’re sure going to work on it. 🙂

Plus comedy from the Ibo Brewer and a great song from Ulrich Ellison called “Rescue Me”.

Pick up some more music from Ulrich Ellison below and help support UTC at the same time. 🙂


Important Websites:

Ullrich Ellison – “Rescue Me” – http://ulrichellison.com/

You can get my latest comedy special, “Pretty From TheBack”at http://bit.ly/prettyfromtheback

Support the show!: www.UnderTheCrossbones.com/support



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