Craig Lutke of The Bilge Pumps

Craig Lutke is the leader and multi-instrumentalist of The Bilge Pumps, a pirate fest favorite.  We’ll get into the accidental way they started the group, where the name came from, and their process for including comedy in their arrangements.

This is a great story of following your interests until it turns into something profitable.  We’ll also find out what happened to all the pirate and Celtic bars in Texas and why they loved these guy before they went under.

This talk is all about pirates, music, and comedy.  I may as well have been interviewing myself. 😉

Plus comedy from Travis Nelson and two(!) songs from The Bilge Pumps – “Pirating The Seas” and “The Dark Lady.”

And I’ll yack a little bit about my experience seeing Guns n’ Roses, the new (expensive) guitar I picked up, and where you can catch my comedy specials online for free (Spoiler: It’s on Amazon.)


Get some Bilge Pumps music!

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Travis Nelson – @travisisjoking on Twitter and IG

You can get my latest comedy special, “Pretty From TheBack”at

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