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This week’s guest is author Darren Simon who’s written a great book called “The Dangerous Legacy”.  If you like your pirate fiction laced with real historical characters and a dose of the supernatural, you’ll dig this one.  Make sure to pick up a copy so you’re ready when the second book comes out.

This is a great talk about the craft of writing (especially how he and I approach it very differently).  Plus you’ll find out all the stuff in Darren’s own past that made it into the book why he decided to include supernatural elements, and how he chose which historical pirates to add to the cast of characters.

Plus comedy from my very funny friend Chris Storin and a song called “We Were One” from The Liberal Rednecks featuring Jimmy Goings, Tony Baker, and Pete Nuessmann.

Be sure to click that Amazon link below to get your own copy of “The Dangerous Legacy”.



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