UTC046 David Reiland Int'l Pirate Awards and Mike Tunez of Firelock GamesIt’s a big fat juicy one today with two awesome interviews! We’ll talk with Mike Tunez of Firelock Games about their new pirate tabletop game Blood and Plunder.  And he gives us the lowdown of what it takes to create a game of this magnitude and how they made their Kickstarter so outrageously successful.

Then we’ll talk with David and Serena Reiland about the 1st annual International Pirate Awards. How it began and how you get to vote for your favorite pirate stuff.  And we’ll dig into their Renaissance Festival Podcast a bit too.

Plus comedy from Marc Yaffee and music from Meeta Gajjar Parker.

Big thanks to Craig Buddy at History Of Pirates Podcast for simulcasting this episode.


Important Websites:

Mike Tunez – www.FirelockGames.com
International Pirate Awards Voting – www.UnderTheCrossbones.com/pirateawards
Marc Yaffee – www.LaughWithMarc.com – Marc with a C
Meeta Gajjar Parker – https://www.facebook.com/meetamusic/
History of Pirates Podcast – http://www.HistoryOfPiratesPodcast.com

You can get my latest comedy special, “Pretty From TheBack”at http://bit.ly/prettyfromtheback

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