Captain Teach of Phoenix Risen Pirate Clan

My guest on the show today is Captain Teach, head of the Phoenix Risen pirate clan.  I had no idea what pirate clans are all about, why they exist, and what they do.  So this was educational for me and I hope for you too.

Teach gives us the lowdown on how he got into Phoenix Risen and how you can join the pirate clan you’re looking at.  And we’ll talk about how and why pirates have infiltrated the Ren Faire circuit.  Plus we’ll dig into all the great projects he’s heading up for the Sherwood Forest Faire, including summer camps for adults and kids.

Thank you for all your nice supportive notes about last week’s missing episode.  We had a death in the family and I’ll tell you about it at the top of the show.


Plus comedy from Melissa Richelle and a song called “White Car” from Doug and the Carnival of Souls Revue.

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