UTC 040 Pirate Curator Nick HoffmanBefore we get to Nick Hoffman, A big ahoy to all the new listeners!  And a big thanks to Craig Buddy and the mention on his podcast that brought so many great new folks into the UTC circle over the last few days.

On today’s show we talk with Nick Hoffman, who is a buddy of mine from the comedy world.  Until recently we didn’t know we were both pirate fans.  Nick’s been deep in it for quite awhile having thrown a big pirate wedding and curated a pirate installation at the Petaluma History Museum.  And we’ll dig deep into both of those.

Like Nick himself, this is a large and robust conversation.  You’ll love it.

Plus some post-Mother’s Day comedy from Stu McCallister and a very funny song called “Photo Album” from Jacob Haller.

Important Websites:
Nick Hoffman – https://www.facebook.com/Pirates-Legends-and-Lore-217351184979420/
Stu McCallister – http://www.stumccallister.com/
Jacob Haller – http://jwgh.org/

You can get my latest comedy special, “Pretty From TheBack”at http://bit.ly/prettyfromtheback

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