Irish Pirate Rock Band O'CravenO’Craven is a great band with the extremely specific niche of Irish Pirate Rock, from San Jose, CA.  In this interview we dig into how they stumbled across the music they were meant to be playing.  We also talk a lot about how being way different from most bands has helped them stand out in a positive way.

Bonus! Since the band and I are in the same town, I finally got to do an in-person interview!  Thankfully I thought ahead enough to get video of the proceedings too. And since I had video of the interview, I figured I’d film my talky parts before and after the interview too, just for fun.

If you like the video stuff, let me know and I’ll do more of it.  Definitely hoping to do some at the NorCal Pirate Festival in June.  Our favorite Irish Pirate rockers will be there too!

Today’s show is sponsored by:

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Plus comedy from Irish comedian Dave Nihill (There’s a theme? Yes!) and of course, music from O’Craven.  You’ll hear a song called “Pint Glass” and I’ll explain in the show why I picked that one.

Important Websites:

O’Craven –
Irish Dave –
Phil Johnson –

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