'Alias Hook' Author Lisa JensenLisa Jensen is the author of “The Witch from the Sea” and “Alias Hook” – two great fun pirate novels.  She’s also a movie critic for the Good Times weekly in Santa Cruz, CA.

We’ll dig into her interesting take on the Peter Pan story (title spoiler – it’s more about Captain Hook) and why that story has such longevity.  And we couldn’t leave without talking about her take as a critic on the best and worst Peter Pan movies.

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Plus comedy from Johnny Osburn and a song called “Chasing Bats” by Smashy Claw about the classic Batman comic “The Killing Joke”.  Smashy Claw song courtesy of the The Funny Music Project.

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And here’s the video for “Chasing Bats” by Smashy Claw so you can get a visual on the story.

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