Jeff Dixon of Dixon Woodworking

Jeff Dixon and his family at Dixon woodworking make some of the most badass pirate ship clubhouses you’re ever going to see. You don’t even need to have kids because they’re built for adults too.

The story of how the company came together is very touching.  And Jeff takes me through their whole process of building and delivering their ships.  Plus some great stories of news anchors falling on their asses.  (Yep, really.)

I’m still on the road without my good microphone and now with the added bonus of a head cold.  So you can always fast forward through my croaking if you can’t hang with it.  But the interview sounds great.  This episode and the next will be like that.  Then I’ll be back to good health and on a solid mic after that.  Thanks for understanding.

Today’s show is sponsored by:
Naufragant – Get their new single, “The Black Corsair” from the upcoming album based on the classic pirate novel.

Plus comedy from Rudy Ortiz about how not to say ‘I do’ and a song called “Windows Bleed” by Chilindrina.

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Pirate Ship Clubhouses from Dixon Woodworking

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