Brad Perri Pirate MikeBrad Perri is a comic artist and creator of “Pirate Mike: Maladjusted Suburbanite”.  It’s a really funny little comic strip.  We dive into lots of stuff about character development in comics and the current state of that industry.  And plenty of pirate talk as we dissect how Pirate Mike reflects the pirates of olde while he tries to get along in the modern suburbs.

If you’re at all curious about what goes into creating a comic strip, you’ll love this interview.

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Naufragant – Get their new single, “The Black Corsair” from the upcoming album based on the classic pirate novel.

Plus comedy from Saul Trujillo and a song called “Starving for Attention” by Peter Turns Pirate.

Pirate Mike

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Peter Turns Pirate Naufragant - The Black Corsair

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Since we talked a little about Brent Weinbach, here’s a clip of his work.  I couldn’t find that jibberish bit, but this one includes another of my faves of his, Latin Doritos.

Here are some of the pics I took the other day on some history stops in Missouri during my current tour.  Click the thumbnail to see the larger version.

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