Noah Scalin - League of Space Pirates and Skull A Day

Noah Scalin is a unique artist.  And an “artist” in the broadest sense of the word.  His music with the League of Space Pirates is a fantastic romp of a story that encompasses music, theatrics, web shows, live shows, and more.  Not only pirates.  If you’re into Steampunk or Firefly this will also be right up your alley.

Noah is even more known for his visual arts including Skull A Day in which he presented a different skull piece every day for a year.  Be sure to check out the really cool installation pieces that were part of that project.  We talk a lot about what it takes to run a web show and why it’s still better than trying to tour a band.  And we’ll also get into his current projects and their unique angles.

Today’s show is sponsored by Southern Yellow Pine Publishing, home of SR Staley’s Pirate of Panther Bay book series.

Plus comedy from Jimmy Earll about telling white lies to your kids and and a song called “Abridged History of Love” from League of Space Pirates.

Get the new League of Space Pirates album “Precognitive Universe of Emergent Desire”.  Your Amazon purchase helps support the show too.

League of Space Pirates

Photo by Heather Addley

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