Ron Allen aka Thagarr of PiratesAhoy.netRon Allen, aka Thagarr, and his crew of merry modders  deal in pirate video games.  I lost track of pirate video games after the first version of Sid Meyer’s Pirates many years ago.  But there are a lot of cool things happening and has a lot of it.

We all learn about what goes into modding games, how Ron and his folks saved the Pirates of the Caribbean game from obscurity, and what it takes to organize a project that has thousands of volunteers.

The video game world, and those who do mods, are a whole giant subculture unto themselves.  And this is a good little primer about what it’s all about, so listen in.

Today’s show is sponsored by author SR Staley and his Pirate of Panther Bay Book Series.  Check it out here.

Plus comedy from Keith Lowell Jensen about Google robo calls and and a song called “Falling Forward” from Iari Melchor.

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