Ray Stevenson of Black Sails and Craig Buddy of History of Pirates Podcast

Happy 2016!  Getting ready for some Black Sails season 3 action!  For the first show of the year, I’ve got a double interview for you!  Both awesome and unique.

First up, actor Ray Stevenson who portrays Blackbeard in season 3 (and 4 so far) of Black Sails on Starz.  You’ve also seen him in the Thor movies, Divergent, and the TV show Dexter.  Plus lots of other stuff.  We get into stuff he’s had to do for Black Sails that he’s never done before, what went into their decision whether or not to use the Bristol accent, and why Ibiza is a “tough island”.

Then an interview with the only other person running a podcast about pirates, Craig Buddy of the History of Pirates Podcast.  He and I talk about getting started in podcast and why pirates.  Plus how we came to such different formats for our shows.  And he tells a great story about when Julius Caesar was captured by pirates.

Episode Sponsored by: SR Staley, author of the Pirate of Panther Bay series.

Plus comedy from Jason Resler about why you should play catch with your kids and a song called “Certain Death” from Brad Sucks.

You can also hear about my private little ritual that happens after my last live show each year.

Important Websites:
Black Sails – www.starz.com/originals/blacksails
Ray Stevenson – www.ray-stevenson.com
Craig Buddy – www.historyofpiratespodcast.com
Jason Resler – www.pitchingpunchlines.com
Brad Sucks – www.bradsucks.net
Phil Johnson – www.PhilJohnsonComedy.com

Support the show!: www.UnderTheCrossbones.com/support

Here’s a little Blackbeard background info from the folks over at Starz to whet your appetite.

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