Ross Furman - Eastport Pirate FestivalOn today’s show, an interview with Ross Furman, one of the founders of the Eastport Pirate Festival in Eastport, Maine.  It takes place the second weekend of September each year.

Ross is quite a character and we get into their motivations behind the festival and what you can do there, including bed races, a tattoo contest, and lots of piratey goodness.  Ross even lets us in on what his favorite tattoo of the contests has been.  And it’s… let’s say, simple.

Also on the show today, comedy about growing up with biker parents from Dobie Maxwell and a song called “Death and Treasure” from Naufragant’s concept album about Treasure Island called “Cursed Island”.

Note: Naufragant is a new name for the band.  Apparently they had some legal issues with their previous name, Skull and Bones.  The album linked below is theirs under the previous name.  I’ll get the whole story as soon as I can schedule them for an interview.

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