John Amrhein author of Treasure Island the Untold StoryJohn Amrhein and his team of researchers have discovered details behind the actual events that inspired Robert Louis Stevenson to write Treasure Island.  The background of this story has been hotly debated for decades.  And he’s put it all in a book called “Treasure Island: The Untold Story.”  There’s also a 2nd book called “The Hidden Galleon.”  You’ll find links to both books below.

This could be a somewhat controversial episode, but John presents some really great points.  And these true events are a great story in themselves.

In this interview, John goes into great detail about these true events that inspired Treasure Island and I get to mostly shut up and listen. 🙂

Also on the show today, comedy about calling in sick to work from Carlos Rodriguez and the song “May Our Love Live On” from Nashville band Moon and Forty Two.

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