Chris Macort Whydah Pirate MuseumChris Macort is the curator of the Whydah Pirate Museum in Provincetown, MA.  He’s also a wreck diver and treasure hunter who’d helped excavate the Whydah and protect the artifacts they’ve brought up.

The Whydah is the first positively ID’d pirate ship to be found.  It was Sam Bellamy’s ship that went down in 1717 in a huge storm off the coast of Cape Cod.  Barry Clifford found the ship in 1984 and Chris Macort joined the team a few years later.

We go deep on conservation techniques for the different types of items brought back to the surface.  And you’ll love hearing about the first time Chris held real pirate treasure in his hands.  Really great interview with some mind-blowing news about his current project.  You’re going to do dig this one.

Also on the show today, comedy from Mike Brody and Roem Baur’s new single “Oh Dear”.

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Sean Chandler

Really enjoyed this talk. I’ve followed Clifford’s work on Cape Cod and in Madagascar for years, ever since I saw the Whydah profiled in National Geographic, and this filled in so much from behind the scenes.

For anyone wanting to learn more, the most recent documentary series about their discoveries in Madagascar got way off track and was full of filler, but the one from a few years ago, the two-hour “Pirate Island,” was excellent. You can see a trailer for it here: