Tiger Lee of PirateFashions.comTiger Lee is quite the self-made man. We’ll journey from his origins as a fairy photographer to the depths of the Caribbean and into Florida where he found his calling in creating authentic pirate clothing and weaponry.

Lots of detailed discussion on what is and isn’t authentic pirate clothing.  So plenty for you costuming geeks out there.  Plus stuff about the old timey picture studio business that I never knew about.

Also on the show today, comedy from Phil Johnson (that’s me!) and music from Ye Banished Privateers.
The bit from me is from 2008 and it was a little painful listening back to it. I should probably write some new pirate material. 🙂

As I mentioned during the show, a few folks have contacted me about supporting the show financially. So I’ve put up a few options here.  You can donate (whatever amount you’d like), click the Amazon banners (no cost to you), or get some exposure for your business by being a sponsor (dirt cheap right now).

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Phil Johnson – www.PhilJohnsonComedy.com

Support the show!: www.UnderTheCrossbones.com/015

Here’s some more music from Ye Banished Privateers…

And something a little more recent from my standup oeuvre.

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