Joyce Mclean of Pirates! Legends of the Gulf CoastJoyce Mclean is totally a pirate.  She’s made her way through an unorthodox series of businesses to find herself in Galveston, TX as owner or a really cool pirate experience called Pirates! Legends of the Gulf Coast.  If you get near Galveston be sure to stop in and see what she’s got in store for you.

She’s also the first officially licensed sea captain I’ve had on the show.  Boy is that a heck of story.   Be sure to listen for that one.  And it’s Gulf Coast talk, so you know there are some Jean Lafitte stories afoot.  Get it?  Lafitte afoot.  Sorry.

Also on the show today, comedy from Sampson McCormick and music from Seratonic.  This is the first time I’m including comedy that’s got an adult edge to it.  I’ll always keep it high quality.  But you can tune out before it comes on if you’re skittish about that kind of thing or if you have kids with you.

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