Andrea Jones, Author of Hook and JillToday’s episode seems to be a sort of remix theme.  My interview guest is Andrea Jones, author of the Hook and Jill Saga.  The first two books, “Hook and Jill” and “Other Oceans” are out now.  The third book, “Other Islands” will be out in 2016.

“Hook and Jill” is a retelling of the Peter Pan story told from Wendy’s point of view.  And since Wendy is the most mature of the Neverland lot (being Mother and all), the story is told from a much more adult point of view.

Besides her take on writing the story we talk a lot about J.M. Barrie and how he handled the story as well as the various versions of Peter Pan over the years.  We also get into the newly restored version of Barrie’s original book that Andrea has been working on.

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Here’s the scoop.  Before the interview I bought a copy of “Hook and Jill” to read.  And I happened to find one that was signed by Andrea Jones.  And now I’d like to pass it on to you.

The book is signed “To David and Margaret”. If those happen to be your name, even better.  But if not, it’s still a great autographed hardcover version of the book.

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And that’s not all!… Also today on the show, comedy from Daymon Ferguson talking about books and being a literate bully.

Following the remix theme of this episode, you’ll also hear brand new music from Uberband.  The singer and mastermind behind Uberband is my brother Ryan Johnson and the song “Layabout” is absolutely nutty.  Nobody jams a ton of styles into one song like these guys.

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Bonus goodies!

Here’s a great clip of Daymon Feguson from the Laugh Your Asheville Off Comedy Fest.

Here’s the Uberband video for “I Am An Attorney” which fits great because Daymon Ferguson used to be an attorney.

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