Gerard Heidgerkin aka BilgeMunky
Gerard Heidgerken is known to the pirate world as BilgeMunky and he’s been a diehard promoter of modern pirate music for over a decade.

We dig into where he came from as one of the first pirate bloggers, DJs, and podcasters (before podcasts were even podcasts…)

You’ll love the story about how he completely pissed off his listeners during his 100th episode.

Also on the show, comedy from this year’s winner of the San Francisco Comedy Competition, Myles Weber.  And music from lovable Parrothead Loren Davidson.

Lots of fun and laughs in this one.  Check it out.


If you’d like to read a more lengthy (and humorous) screed on the Playmobil Pirate Ship, I gave it a full frontal assault here.

Here’s some very misguided music from new movie “Pan”.

The Websites:
Gerard Heidgerken –
Scoundrel’s Inn Pirate Radio –
Myles Weber –
Loren Davidson –
Phil Johnson Tour Dates and Info –

And it wouldn’t be a new episode without a landscaping update (man, I’m sick of landscaping…)
At least it no longer looks like a cardboard farm.



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