Ezra Buzzington from Crossbones

I’m just back from the World Series of Comedy in Las Vegas.  Great week.  Listen in to the pod and I’ll tell you how it went.  Found myself on a giant poster there too.  Scroll down to check it out.

This week’s guest, Ezra Buzzington is an actor from Los Angeles and was in the cast of the NBC pirate TV show “Crossbones” as the character Eisengrim. And you’ve seen him in lots of other stuff too.

This interview previously appeared on my podcast “Being Blackbeard” all about the show Crossbones, which was unfortunately cancelled after its first season.  But since you probably didn’t hear it, I thought you might enjoy dipping into some behind the scenes of a great pirate show.  We talk the joy of shooting locales and the art of crafting a side character as an actor.

My co-host in the interview is Tony Dijamco.  Very funny guy.  Be sure to check out his link below too.

Being Blackbeard Podcast IconIf you’d like to hear the entire Being Blackbeard podcast series (9 episodes), here’s the whole thing in a handy zip file for ya.

We had a really fun time covering the episodes of “Crossbones” on “Being Blackbeard”, but the show met a quick demise at the end of its first season.  I imagine you’ll be able to find it either on Netflix at some point or in a torrent somewhere.

(Is it pirating if you pirate a pirate show?…)

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Also, comedy on the show today from the fantastically funny Jackie Kashian (and host of the podcast The Dork Forest) and music from the heavy and sexy Lolita Dark.

The Important Websites:
Ezra Buzzington – www.EzraBuzzington.com
Jackie Kashian – www.JackieKashian.comwww.DorkForest.com

Lolita Dark – www.LolitaDark.com
Tony Dijamco – www.TonyDijamco.com
Phil Johnson – www.PhilJohnsonComedy.com
Phil Johnson World Series of Comedy

As Eddie Izzard would say… “Lookin’ like a jackass…”

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