Dave Ladage of Living Like A Pirate Clothing
Today’s guest on the show is Dave Ladage.  Dave is the creator of the Living Like A Pirate clothing company where you can nifty pirate gear inspired by the beach lifestyle.

In this interview we gig into Dave’s entrance to the pirate community via Jimmy Buffet’s land of Parrotheads.  The people in Hawaiian shirts and margaritas share a thing or two with the Brethren.  We’ll get into some of the details of starting your own clothing business as well.

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Comedy on the show today from Gabriel Rutledge and music from Jambo Joe Bones playing the Living Like A Pirate theme song!  Links to their albums are below.

The Important Websites:
Living Like A Pirate Clothing – www.LivingLikeAPirate.com
Gabriel Rutledge – www.GabrielRutledge.com
Jambo Joe Bones – www.JamboAcousticMusic.com
Phil Johnson – www.PhilJohnsonComedy.com


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