Brand Berry and Al MuellerA bit of a different format for this episode of Under the Crossbones.  I’ve got two shorter interviews for you this week.  A little experiment.  Let me know how you like it.

We’ll dig into a bit of the dichotomy between pirate history and pop culture here.

The first is with costumer Brandon Berry of the New England Brethren of Pirates.  They’re a costuming group that does events and tons of charity work.  We talk about how the idea came out of the Flying 501st of Star Wars costumers, the trials of running a business like this, and how he got into it.

Brandon is definitely on the pop culture side of the pirate life as he plays Captain Jack Sparrow at charity events all over the country.

New England Brethren of Pirates

New England Brethren of Pirates



The Brigands - Photo / Karen Wiles Stabile

The Brigands – Photo / Karen Wiles Stabile

The second interview is with Al Mueller, aka Captain Robertsgrave Thighbiter, of The Brigands,a really fun pirate band with a naughty sense of humor.

These guys are more on the history side.  Though they play traditional shanties and such, they write a ton of their own, very authentic sounding pirate music.

Al and I also do a bit of talking about concertinas and why they’re not really an authentic pirate instrument despite being closely associated with them.

Plus I’ll play you some music from The Brigands and some great comedy about sandwiches (really) from Jon Maddy.

Next week’s episode with pirate painter Don Maitz is a really important one.  I’ll be putting the show up on iTunes and I’ll need your help to give it a great launch.  Reviews, listens, and subscribes will help make this show successful and help me keep bringing you these great guests.  And I’ve got some real doozies in the pipeline. 🙂

The Websites:
Brandon Berry and the New England Brethren of Pirates:
The Brigands –
Comedian Jon Maddy –
Phil Johnson –


And here’s a little more video of The Brigands live to send you on your way. 🙂

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