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A small ride poster from Disney World's POTC. Signed by X Atencio.

My small ride poster from Disney World’s POTC. Signed by X Atencio.

Welcome to the first episode of Under the Crossbones!  This is a very short introductory episode to introduce myself and the show to you and tell you about some of the thoroughly enjoyable stuff coming in future episodes.

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Episode 2 is up now and features a fantastic interview with Captain John Swallow and Quartermaster Seika Hellbound – founders of NOLA Pyrate Week.  Check it out here.


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Proper P'rat
To be sure: !69+!96=365 oh-yea’. Nae problemo wiv French, only minor obstacles speakin’ that drat slanguage sorta (if you know what’s meant) Or nor to be: like Modern Man knowing a mere “Dozen Ma88er”, 99 b%lloonskees of’em. Rather lands the Flying Dutchman in a Cuckoo Nest (wo?!)and finds that Hens Teeth are growing skins (pardonnez?!) than nice neighbors, say, any kind of even the shallowest of mind of what hmmm once was and what should now be effectually. Just sayne. More later in the following episode if I may. Methinks we got that spirit of Emerson, Lake and Palmer, scilicet… Read more »
Proper P'rat

Pirates were criminals. Right. This leaves no expression for those circa s e v e n G!ga contemptorariouws. This, mind, on formerly Thée Planet EARth 13²+14² eg. Whaddaya say, Thesaurus? ..?? Google, where is Wordbook? GOOGLE… Nice broadsidecast btb.
…merci bjornk. Percolator