Chris Borden and Brittany Roberts of Under The Black Flag combat entertainmentUnited under the black flag indeed!  50 episodes! Whether you’ve been listening for a year now or you just discovered this show a week ago, thank you for tuning in and listening to me yap with fun pirate folks!

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My guests on this episode are Chris Borden and Brittany Roberts, founders of combat entertainment troupe Under The Black Flag. We get into a great talk about what goes into fight choreography that you probably don’t notice as a audience member.

I learned a bunch of cool stuff in this interview and you will too! Unless you already know about it, in which case you’ll have a good time yelling at your playback device to disagree with us. Either way, you win!

Plus comedy from Don Barnhart and music from Sweet HayaH. Be sure to click those Amazon links below to get their albums.


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Michael Walker

just an FYI-

Player FM no longer carries you podcasts. they jus did some kind of update on my phone and now I have to rebuild my library. they don’t have you any more so I deleted it off of my phone. (your fans love you)