TS Rhodes - Pirate Author
TS Rhodes is a renaissance woman of the pirate set.  She writes fiction and non-fiction, she tells stories at pirate fests, she reviews Black Sails for a prominent geek website, she knows a ton about pirate clothing, and does a whole presentation on Anne Bonny.

TS Rhodes lives and breathes pirate culture!  You’ll love this talk where we dig into all that stuff and more.

Plus comedy from David Lew and music from Phil Johnson and Roadside Attraction. (Yeah, me.)


Important Websites:

David Lew – http://www.davidlew.net/
Phil Johnson and Roadside Attraction – http://www.RoadsideAttraction.com

You can get my latest comedy special, “Pretty From TheBack”at http://bit.ly/prettyfromtheback

Support the show!: www.UnderTheCrossbones.com/support


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