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It’s Wonky Sound Day on UTC!  I’m on the road and forgot to pack my podcasting mic and there’s a weird bumpy knocky sound during the interview.  The sound gods did not smile upon us this week.  Better next time. I promise.

But that doesn’t mean it’s not a great episode!  My guest is Shayna Vest from and she is quite the character.  We’ll talk a bit about pirates invading the Ren Faire scene and what it took to get a business selling pirate clothes up and running in the wild west days of the internet.

And of course, if need to dress like a pirate, you know where to go… She’s got great stuff that’s way better than the Spirit store but not the stuff that will make you break your piggy bank.

Mucho fun-o… Plus epic comedy from Chad Opitz and a great tune called “Appalachian Bound” by Time Sawyer.


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