Shaun Rolly of A Pirate's TaleShaun Rolly is the co-creator of the musical “A Pirate’s Tale”.  He’s a really fun and interesting pirate with a knack for jumping off the deep end without a plan.  Get learned up on what happens at stuntman school and how that led Shaun to creating a full scale musical that fits inside a ship in Pittsburg.

I also do some blathering about the loss of Prince and his importance to my work.  And I let you in on some of my other ‘secret mentors’.

Today’s show is sponsored by:

Anything Goes Vermont – Unique handmade goods for your favorite pirate.

Plus comedy from Robert Duchaine and of course, music from “A Pirate’s Tale”. Plus I’ll play you one of my own songs that was thoroughly inspired by Prince.

Click in the box below to hear more music from “A Pirate’s Tale”.  Shaun Rolly of A Pirate's Tale

If you enjoyed “Rumpalicious Booty Shaker, this is the album it’s from.  Check out “Judgment Day” for another heavily Prince inspired track.

Important Websites:

Shaun Rolly/Pirates Tale –
Robert Duchaine –
Phil Johnson and Roadside Attraction –


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