UTC 054 Joe Neate and Mike Chapman Sea of Thieves

Joe Neate and Mike Chapman of Rare Games sit down with us to talk about their new pirate game Sea of Thieves.  How’s it different from the average pirate video game?  What’s gone into make this game both exciting and historically interesting? And when I ask them what they haven’t been able to make a game do yet, you’ll be surprised at the answer.

I’m not much of a video game guy (and they challenge me on that), but this does look like a pretty intriguing game.  Certainly something any pirate fan would be happy to give a go.

They’ve also started their own video podcast following the development of Sea of Thieves that you can see below.

And on this show, as always,  comedy from Jill Maragos and “Puppy Song” by Bonecage.

I believe I also mentioned the video for my song “Super Dan” too.  That video, drawn by Jeff Sornig, is below.


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