Jack Gonzo of Scoundrel's Inn Pirate MusicI like pirate music, but I don’t know nearly as much about it as Jack Gonzo does.  He does a great pirate music radio show every Wednesday at 9pm Central called Scoundrel’s Inn.

During our talk, we dive a little into how Jack go started in this space.  And we talk a lot about how varied pirate music can really be.  He also suggests a great starter pack of bands if you’re unfamiliar with the genre.

And you’ll find out the one-genre of music that hasn’t been touched by pirates yet.  (Which I may take care of soon…)

This episode sponsored by:
Southern Yellow Pine Publishing, home of The Pirate of Panther Bay series by SR Staley.

These are the “starter kit” bands that Jack suggests during the interview.  You can’t go wrong with any of these:

Pirate Charles
Musical Blades
Pride of Bedlam
The Jolly Rogers
Dread Crew of Oddwood
Bilgerats and Pirates

Plus comedy from Shawn Halpin about his favorite radio stations and a song called “Share My Pixie Dust” by Phil Johnson and Roadside Attraction.

Yeah, I don’t usually play my own stuff like that, but I wasn’t able to spend as much time as usual harassing bands for a track this week. 🙂

Speaking of which… Are you a band or comedian?  Pirate or not… If you’d like me to play your stuff on the show, just send me an email at Phil@UnderTheCrossbones.com and let’s make it happen.

Important Websites:
Jack Gonzo – www.ScoundrelsInn.com
Shawn Halpin – www.ShawnHalpin.com
Phil Johnson and Roadside Attraction – www.RoadsideAttraction.com

Since I ended up playing one of my own songs on the show today… If you’d like to hear the rest of the live album (and concert film) that comes from, click the player below.

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