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Captain John Swallow and QM Seika Hellbound of NOLA Pyrate Week

Musician Tom Mason of the Blue Buccaneers
Writer and Historian Cindy Vallar
Mark Steed of the Long John Silver Trust

Brandon Berry of the New England Brethren of Pirates
and Al Mueller of The Brigands
Pirate Painter Don Maitz

Dave Ladage – Owner of Living Like A Pirate
Ezra Buzzington from TV’s “Crossbones”
David Engel of Pirate School!
Gerard Heidgerken aka BilgeMunky
Jeff and Rebecca MacKay of the MacKay Pirate Family
Andrea Jones, Author of “Hook and Jill” Saga
Joyce Mclean of Pirates! Legends of the Gulf Coast
Tiger Lee of PirateFashions.com
Chris Macort of the Whydah Project
Gillian Opie of Sydney Treasure Hunt
John Amrhein, Author of Treasure Island: The Untold Story
Captain Ross Furman of the Eastport Pirate Festival
SR Staley, Author of Pirate of Panther Bay Series
Captain Jim Light the Pirate Magician
Ray Stevenson of Black Sails/Craig Buddy of the History of Pirates Podcast
Ron Allen aka Thagarr of PiratesAhoy.net
Noah Scalin of The League of Space Pirates
Jim Byrkit – Director/Storyboard Artist Pirates of the Caribbean/”Wedlocked”
Franco Tempesta of Naufragant
Part 1 with Wreck Diver John Chatterton
Part 2 with Wreck Diver John Chatterton
Pirate Surgery Expert Mark “Mission” Kehoe
Captain Jack Gonzo of Scoundrel’s Inn Radio
Jason Surrell – Imagineer, author of “Pirates of the Caribbean: Magic Kingdom to the Movies
Brad Perri, Creator of Pirate Mike Comic Strip
Jeff Dixon of Dixon Woodworking
Mark “Cap’n Slappy” Summers and John “Ol Chumbucket” Baur, Creators of Talk Like a Pirate Day
Lisa Jensen, author of “Alias: Hook” and “Witch of the Sea”
Benerson Little, Author and ‘Black Sails’ Consultant
Irish Pirate rock band O’Craven
“A Pirate’s Tale” writer and producer Shaun Rolly
“Catbeard the Pirate” cartoonist Matt Nelson
Piratey Guy and Comedian Nick Hoffman
Mark Hanna, author of “Pirate Nests and the Rise of the British Empire”
Captain Teach, Head of Phoenix Risen Pirate Clan
Peter T. Leeson economist and author of “The Invisible Hook”
Shayna Vest of DressLikeAPirate.com
Michael Elledge, builder of cannons
Mike Tunez of Firelock Games and David Reiland of International Pirate Awards
Author Laura Nelson of The Whydah Pirates Speak
Alan Shepard of Hawaii Pirate Ship Adventures
Reenactor and Author TS Rhodes

Chris Borden and Brittany Roberts of Under The Black Flag
Darren Simon, author of “Dangerous Legacy”
Javier Dominguez of Big Hat Pirates
Craig Lutke of The Bilge Pumps
Mike Chapman and Joe Neate, creators of Sea of Thieves
Ye Banished Privateers
Matt Aurthur of The Pirate History Podcast
Scott Pooler of Gasparilla Media
Live from Burbank, CA for Talk Like A Pirate Day 2016
Dane Bennett aka Admiral Basil Drake of Pride of Bedlam
Cindy Stavely and Captain Mayhem of St. Augustine Pirate Museum
Tim Murphy creator of Pirates of Padre Tiempo
Xander Kent of Blackbeard Banners
Writer/Director of “Pool Pirates” Erikka Innes
Michael Manerchia of the Marcus Hook Preservation Society
Courtney Page and Kim Kenyon of Queen Anne’s Revenge Project

The crew of Salty Sam’s Pirate Cruise
Entertainer David Duvall aka Captain Davy
Brigada Pirata
Matt Stone of Sea Wolf Clothing
Tom Butler, creator of Pirates Republic Board Game
Capt’n Tor  and Gwenyvarr of the Naer Do Well Cads Pirate Invasion
Ed Fox of Fox Historical, author of “Pirates in their Own Words”
Vince Lozano from Pirates of the Caribbean – Curse of the Black Pearl
Lee Arenberg (Pintel) from Pirates of the Caribbean I, II, III
Neil Massey of Rogue Steel
Morgan Molthrop, author of “Jean Lafitte’s Pirate Code”
Dan Stevens of Pirate Clothing and Pirata Couture
Samuel Siegel of The Schooner Pursuit
Baylus Brooks, author of Quest For Blackbeard
Todd Willis of Loose Cannon Company
Brian Fields of Pirates of Emerson
Bruce Mercury and TL Jones of Band of Pirates
Johnny Ringo from Code Rum
Jim “Blackbeard” Laird
Allen Balogh, author of Black Sails 1715
Helen Hollick, author of Sea Witch Voyages and Pirates: Truth and Tales
Mike Kelly, head distiller at Old New Orleans Rum
Marck Forget of Le Festival des Pirates
Greg Engel of Arrr, ink
Laura Sook Duncombe, author of “Pirate Women”
James L Nelson, author of Brethren of the Coast series